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Mortgage Repayment

For many people, getting a mortgage is one of the biggest investments they will ever make in their life.  Mortgage amounts are hundreds of thousands of dollars in most cases, so knowing how much you will pay over the course of the loan is something that every borrower should pay close attention to.   Mortgage repayment terms differ with each loan products, but there are some essential things that are common between all repayment terms which we will go over in detail. 

First, when getting a mortgage refinance, what is essentially happening is that the original repayment terms of the existing mortgage are being stretched back out to 30 years based on the new principle amount.  While it means you may pay off your loan in a longer period of time, the mortgage refinancing process can decrease your mortgage repayment monthly amount.  The term of the mortgage is usually the thing that will determine how long you will pay.  For example, if you got a 30 year fixed mortgage, you will  pay the exact same amount each month for 30 years.  If you got a bad credit mortgage that was adjustable in the rate, then your mortgage payment would fluctuate over the life of the loan from month to month depending on interest rates. 

Mortgage repayment terms can also be made much more complex through the use of certain loan programs like a reversed mortgage, balloon mortgage, and so forth.  These loans typically have an introductory repayment term that makes the payment low for a few months or years, but then the principle amount of the mortgage will be due after a few years.  This type of loan is great for those that want to save interest and will be unloading a property in a short amount of time.  For the average consumer however, making sure that the repayment terms are low and consistent is going to make budgeting easiest on any family income.  

As you can see, whether getting a mortgage refinancing or bad credit mortgage option, knowing the mortgage repayment terms is essential to proper loan and budget management. By knowing the terms, you will be able to better plan for the payments that you will need to make, as well as plan for how much you will pay over the life of the loan so that you can jump at lower interest rates when they come in the future. When this happens, getting a mortgage refinance is an essential part to saving money in the long run. 


  10 Steps to Home Ownership:

Step 1: Are You Ready?

Step 2: Hire a Realtor

Step 3: Get Loan Pre-approval

Step 4: Search for Homes

Step 5: Choose a Home

Step 6: Obtain a mortgage

Step 7: Make an Offer

Step 8: Insure Your Home

Step 9: Close the Deal

Step 10: Avoid Foreclosure


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